Last week at Val

The last week at val has been spectacular! We´ve been given a different view on how their culture is so alike ours, but at the same time different in so many ways.

They did give us a tour around the stables, a very detailed one. Their stables actually reminds us of a certain location in Kvinnersta: our animal house. The stables was at one point of time the old barn, which is the same case for uss with the animal house.

Speaking of barns, we got ourselves a tour around one which an old student at Val owned. The bad news is the way the animals where treated there. The hygiene and living spaces for the cows was awfull, and the chickens at the barn where all going to be killed of in like two weeks or so.

The most exciting event of the week was propebly when we had a lecture with Mattias. He showed us what it is like to treat horses with teath problems, and then he let us feel the change he had done with the teeths after the treatment. He also let us use an anvil to creat a horse shoe.

The last event at Val was at friday, 08:10. We got invited to the stage at their friday morning-gathering, and got greated by them. They also gave us T-shirts with their own logo, which was their way of saying good bye. The experiences we have gained at Val is something that have given us another view of the professions we may have in the future, and the methods we may implement at the different tasks we are given. The time we have had at Val is one of the most stunning ones in our lives.

Week One: Val

Week nine consisted of a variation of different tasks, such as working at the barn, stables and the aqua culture. When we where at the barn we got to take care of their cows and sheep’s. It was a great experience to see the different ways you can take care of the animals you have, but in the end get the same results.

Their horses got a much smaller living area outside then us at Kvinnersta. They do not get much time outside either, which is something we have been wondering about a lot. But in general it is about how much time they got, and then how to compensate that amount with the general rutins you are suppose to have to make the animals stay as healthy as possible.

The aqua culture was the peak of this week. They explained how to know the amount of food you should give each columns of fishes. You need to know the weight of all the fishes and then the weight of the food. Then you will just put the values into a formula to get the answer of the biomass, which refers to the organic material that is used for production of energy.

To travel to the living areas of the fishes we where using a boat. When we where almost at the end of our journey home we where allowed to fish. We got a lot of it, but the winner of the fishing contest must have been Thomas. He got a fish that was almost the lenght of Andrews. After the fishes was caught we had to take out the organs, so that they later can make it a fillet.

Then at the weekend we visited more parts of Kolvereid and Rörvik. The view was fantastic and the food was great. The only thing that was a problem was our lack of energy. Some of us where almost sleeping in the car at 10:45.

Other then that we can just say that this week have been fantastical, with many new experiences, and many new friends here at Val.

Val day one

Today was our very first day at Val. Their language is sometimes easy to understand, while sometimes you will be totaly lost. We where starting of our day around 07:30. It was first at 11:00 we went to see their barn, which had organised their spaces between each column of cows. The etological differenses between our cows and theirs is seen as soon as you step into the barn. They are much calmer and does not have any visable signs of stressed behaviorism. Later at the day when we had rested and explored the most of Val´s areas: we returned to the barns upper floor, where we participated in a lecture. They have a different grading system, but most of the time the same methods of teaching. The lecture itself was about how to make farmers working methods more effective. After the lecture we where in greater deal done with our day, which was a very succesfull one for all of us. We learned to get around most of the areas in Val, we got some contact with one of Vals classes and we got to experiens some of their animals neutrall living areas in Val.