Week One: Val

Week nine consisted of a variation of different tasks, such as working at the barn, stables and the aqua culture. When we where at the barn we got to take care of their cows and sheep’s. It was a great experience to see the different ways you can take care of the animals you have, but in the end get the same results.

Their horses got a much smaller living area outside then us at Kvinnersta. They do not get much time outside either, which is something we have been wondering about a lot. But in general it is about how much time they got, and then how to compensate that amount with the general rutins you are suppose to have to make the animals stay as healthy as possible.

The aqua culture was the peak of this week. They explained how to know the amount of food you should give each columns of fishes. You need to know the weight of all the fishes and then the weight of the food. Then you will just put the values into a formula to get the answer of the biomass, which refers to the organic material that is used for production of energy.

To travel to the living areas of the fishes we where using a boat. When we where almost at the end of our journey home we where allowed to fish. We got a lot of it, but the winner of the fishing contest must have been Thomas. He got a fish that was almost the lenght of Andrews. After the fishes was caught we had to take out the organs, so that they later can make it a fillet.

Then at the weekend we visited more parts of Kolvereid and Rörvik. The view was fantastic and the food was great. The only thing that was a problem was our lack of energy. Some of us where almost sleeping in the car at 10:45.

Other then that we can just say that this week have been fantastical, with many new experiences, and many new friends here at Val.

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