Val day one

Today was our very first day at Val. Their language is sometimes easy to understand, while sometimes you will be totaly lost. We where starting of our day around 07:30. It was first at 11:00 we went to see their barn, which had organised their spaces between each column of cows. The etological differenses between our cows and theirs is seen as soon as you step into the barn. They are much calmer and does not have any visable signs of stressed behaviorism. Later at the day when we had rested and explored the most of Val´s areas: we returned to the barns upper floor, where we participated in a lecture. They have a different grading system, but most of the time the same methods of teaching. The lecture itself was about how to make farmers working methods more effective. After the lecture we where in greater deal done with our day, which was a very succesfull one for all of us. We learned to get around most of the areas in Val, we got some contact with one of Vals classes and we got to experiens some of their animals neutrall living areas in Val.

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